Fury Yoga

this is fury yoga

Tired of people telling you what to do with your Chakras? Wanna rock up to a yoga class in your faded band shirt? Want to get back to your badass self? We get you. 

We give you all the goodness of yoga while belting out a killer soundtrack. We leave chakras and judgement at the door. We're here to make you unleash that anger you've had at a low boil for ages. We will help you dig deep, let it all out, and feel fucking amazing afterwards. 

We've taken yoga and turned the attitude up to 11. You're a badass and you need a yoga that matches that. Probably more attitude than you can handle but the only way to find out is to get your arse to class. 

What's the deal?

We have Fury Yoga classes once a month at Bar Open. It's on Friday so you can cap off your week with a good bend and a bevvy at the bar. We'll get you firing on all cylinders for the weekend, no doubt.