What's the story morning glory? 

You know when two things that are kinda similar actually turn out to work really well together? Like Shaggy and Scooby or Nutella and literally everything? Well Fury Yoga is that but for Fury and Yoga. 

Fury Yoga was started by Keely from Beyyoga fame and Ed from The Break Room. They took their passions of yoga and unleashing anger and weaved them together into a Fury Yoga class. Yoga is an awesome practise to bind mind and body while cleansing both through a smidge of meditation and sweat. Adding a layer of catharsis through listening to some bangers and venting your anger and stress makes for a winning combo. To boot, it's on a Friday. It's at Bar Open. You get a free beer. C'mon. It's not even a decision!

Keely and Ed are super keen to help folks drop their anger and stress like a bad habit as everyone goes through peaks and troughs. Let us help you get through a shitty time and give you a killer Friday with a Fury Yoga class.